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American Etiquette and Rules of Politeness
A. E. Davis, Publisher, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1882

Full page and vignette illustrations throughout.


Hardcover with worn boards and fragile spine, few signatures at center separating from spine. Internal pages in good condition.


7 ¾ x 5 inches


Chapters Include- The Value of Etiquette; Politeness and Good Manners; Social Intercourse; Culture at Home; Entrance Into Society; Salutations and Greetings; Street Etiquette; Etiquette of Calling (not by telephone!); Etiquette of Visiting; Higher Culture of Women; Courtship and Marriage; Rules of Conduct; The Toilet; Dress; Presents; Letter Writing; Cards; Foreign Titles; Games, Sports and Amusements; Language of Flowers; Precious Stones; and Toilet Recipes.  Many sub-chapter headings.

American Etiquette and Rules of Politeness

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