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The Etiquette of Today...An Up-to-Date Manual of Correct Behavior in Polite Society
Thompson & Thomas, n.p., 1903

"Illustrated with numerous half-tone engravings of the Leaders in Society in all the Principal Cities of the United States"

Hardcover. Back cover stained, binding a bit loose, spine, edges and corners with some wear and losses. Interior in very good condition. An occasional page torn or folded.

9 x 7 ½ inches


Chapters Include- Introductions; Cards; Calls; Inspirational Civilities (Etiquette of Hats--Rudeness of Public Servants--Position of an Escort--Etiquette of the Bow, etc.); Invitations; Balls and Parties; Weddings; Language A Social  Power (The Art of Listening--Eloquence is Modest--Wit that Wounds--Thinking Twice--Charm of Impersonality, etc.); Dinners; Luncheons, Breakfasts and Teas; Table Manners; Visiting and House Parties; Receptions; Correspondence; Theatre and Opera; Bachelor Hospitalities; In Public; Traveling; Horseback Riding and Driving; Cycling and Golf; Servants; Funerals.

The Etiquette of Today

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